New Construction

Hatteras Island Sound Construction has been in business since 1979. During that time, we have built countless home on the Outer Banks and surrounding areas. Here at HISC, we take pride in quality of homes not quantity, and our work speaks for itself. We believe that homes should feel as good as they look and we make sure that our work is infused with expertise, as well as attention to detail and care. We work with each client individually to create unique details that reflect the client and their new home. Along with our building expertise, we offer property and lot development along with acquisition services, so that you can not only build your dream home but also purchase your lot. HISC takes your plans and makes dream homes come true. With our construction expertise and knowledge on the Outer Banks we can handle any and all of your construction needs.


Hatteras Island Sound Construction performs home renovations, remodels, and improvement services for those living on the Outer Banks and surrounding areas.

Perhaps you’ve purchased a fixer upper that requires an overhaul, or maybe your house needs some long-delayed TLC. Whatever the case, our team can bring new life to your home. Our past projects include compete reconstruction of older homes, repairing roofs and other exterior features, building add-ons like decks or other home additions, and interior services like kitchen and bathroom remodels.

At the end of each remodel, our goal is for your home to feel refreshed, while also making it feel like the space it was always meant to be. We can give your home a new look and layout, with longevity to match. If you are looking to remodel your home, feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help make your dream home come true.

Move & Lift Houses

Sometimes homeowners need to move or lift their homes. Living on the Outer Banks with a very active hurricane season, it’s not uncommon for homes to flood. Many older homes do not sit above flood height and this can cause concern, especially when hurricane season is upon us. As a result, these homes will need to be lifted. House lifting involves raising the home above its existing foundation and building a new foundation underneath. However, natural disasters aren’t the only reason homeowners decide to lift their homes—sometimes they just want to add more crawl space or they might want to create an outdoor living area. Additionally, there are times when a house needs to be relocated, either for property or personal reasons. Our team is highly experienced and trained to move or lift houses with the utmost attention to detail and careful planning. Moving or lifting your house is a way for you to protect the investment you made in your home and we have all the necessary permits and education to keep your house intact during the process. We formulate a lifting or moving plan and include you in each step of the process. For more information on the details of moving and lifting homes, give us a call.


The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. As the place where family and friends gather, meals are prepared and shared, and activity constantly take place, it’s important that it look and function how you want it to. We can give your kitchen a facelift through singular projects like adding a kitchen island, installing new countertops, or updating or replacing your kitchen cabinets. We also perform complete kitchen remodels or build them from the ground up.

Here at Hatteras Island Sound Construction we believe in taking our clients’ dreams and turning them into realities with functionality, design, durability and aesthetic. Kitchens are usually a top priority for clients and a focal point of the home. We have the experience and the reputation to bring your vision to life. Please let us know how we can help you create a kitchen that reflects your vision.


Bathrooms are the undoubtedly the most used rooms in the house. The entire family (and your guests) use the bathroom to groom, bathe, and get ready on a daily basis. Unlike a formal dining room or a spare bedroom, the bathroom is used habitually. Therefore, it should feel like an oasis.

Our team of construction professionals and craftsmen are ready to turn your dreams into reality. From minor adjustments to a complete bathroom overhaul. From countertops to hardware finishes, we include you in the process every step of the way. Your bathroom is more than just a place to get ready, it’s a place you start and end you day. That is why here at HISC, we make sure to optimize every space, no matter the size, so that the bathrooms includes all the features you need to stay refreshed and relaxed.


Many people dream of having a pool in their backyard. We build custom pools for every budget that brings that dream to life. Pools are great for families with children, couples who like to entertain, and people who like to enjoy the water and the sun in their own back yard.

Our team specializes in custom pool construction, deck installation, and pool fences. We’ve installed modest-sized pools with limited space to high-end resort style pools with all the water features you can imagine. Our pool fences provide safety and privacy, without harming the aesthetic of your backyard oasis. For more information about building a dream pool of your own, please feel free to contact us.

Sound Construction offers “one-stop shopping” – purchasing property and building your home.

Along with our building expertise, we also offer property and lot development and acquisition. As natives of Hatteras Island, we are knowledgeable about land from Rodanthe to Hatteras.

HISC works with an incredible team of sub-contractors. Together, we have built many homes – each better than the last.